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Flappy Cat Flappy Cat

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It's cool that you've actually learnt how to program flappy bird, I know I couldn't do that. Buuuut you did just rob the idea from an already existing game (that got taken off the app store for plagarism, funnily enough.) Putting that aside, there's no animation, you just used the default sprite from Scratch and the art is quite poor. As an experiment it works, as a finished piece it does not. Keep working on it tho, it takes a few limetimes to get good at something.

Also, may I advise that you don't use Scratch. It's a pretty inefficent tool to use and doesn't really train you how to make things outside of scratch. Flash is a much better program and is what most people making web games use. I'm not a game designer tho, I'm sure someone else could recommend something more suitable.

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Gabrielawesome responds:

thanks for the good feedback! I can make games on other engines like gamemaker and stuff. this was only a test to see how it went