Entry #4

New EP

2017-01-01 16:19:03 by polarpoole

So the fruits of my last month's labours are now available to listen to online in the form of my new EP; 'I Learnt How to Sail in Baltimore.' It's on Newgrounds as well as my Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


I decided to focus on my programming, sampling, recording and production skills rather than songwriting. As a matter of fact, all the songs were written in the course of an evening. All in all, I'm content with the result. Expect loads more music (other things maybe idk) in the coming year.


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2017-01-20 19:37:20

May I also thank whoever took the time to go through every track and give it a 1 star rating. It means a lot that you feel so strongly about my music that you spent the few minutes of your day to do that.