New EP

2017-01-01 16:19:03 by polarpoole

So the fruits of my last month's labours are now available to listen to online in the form of my new EP; 'I Learnt How to Sail in Baltimore.' It's on Newgrounds as well as my Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

I decided to focus on my programming, sampling, recording and production skills rather than songwriting. As a matter of fact, all the songs were written in the course of an evening. All in all, I'm content with the result. Expect loads more music (other things maybe idk) in the coming year.


2016-12-05 15:48:30 by polarpoole

I did vocals for a track by Static Dread recently. The track can be heard here:

Why not check it out?

More solo stuff from me incoming.

Where I'm at

2016-11-04 23:01:12 by polarpoole

I'm mainly writing this so people going onto my profile won't be met with that painfully outdated post from 2013. I've been coming onto Newgrounds a bit more often as of recent, more to just be a part of a community. A site made up of artists trying to communicate with other artists is exactly what I want to be on right now.

So what's up, my name's Eoghan, I'm nineteen and I live in Dublin. I just started college this year studying film production. I'm not sure it's really what I'd like to be doing but so far I'm having fun with it so I'll ride it out 'til I'm bored. I've released three albums throughout my teens on bandcamp; one when I was fifteen (which is terrible but I actually have kind of a soft spot for), one when I was sixteen (which is my favourite) and another when I was seventeen (which is a bit too soppy for my liking.) I paused for a year due to school, writer's block and the overwhelming sense of purposeless that the two of those things brought me. As for right now? I'm tinkering; with music, art, film, my mind... I'm pretty happy with that and I'm feeling alright in general, a stark difference from how I've been feeling for the past couple years. But I'm still always struggling through some sort of problem and whenever I'm done with that there's another one one waiting for me, to complicate my peace even further. But I'm managing, I doubt I'll be a corpse any time soon.

Anyway, there's a wee bio for anyone interested. I'm hoping to upload to Newgrounds more frequently so you'll probably see me around the site. And don't be afraid to hit me up, I'm always down to make friends.


New Album: Procrastination

2013-05-10 18:12:46 by polarpoole

So I have a new album out today.
It's called Procrastination.
It's got ten tracks.
And it's fifty five minutes long.
It's available to listen to and download FOR FREE on bandcamp.
Click this shit.